Mt. Whitney Summit

About me

Hi, my name is Noah. I’m a self-taught photographer living in Honolulu, Hawai’i on the island of O’ahu. It didn’t take long after making the move from Minnesota to discover my true passion for being outdoors. With the desire of constantly wanting to escape the normal everyday problems of life somewhere outside, photography just came natural.

I started on an iPhone using Snapseed to over edit every shot I took thinking a landscape needed to look how I wanted it to instead of appreciating the natural beauty captured on my phone. It wasn’t until about 9 months later I bought my first camera. The Sony α6000 wasn’t much, but slowly it taught me to leave landscapes to the simple editing in order to bring out what the naked eye would naturally see. Completely self-taught and the desire to keep improving always keeps me striving to get better.

Today I shoot with the Sony α7RII, and I couldn’t be happier with the memories it allows me to capture. Instagram is a fun way to express my photography, but more than anything my photos are for me. I think of what I shoot as my souvenirs for the places I've been and memories created along the way. 

I truly think of myself as a pretty simple person, and really find myself happiest when I'm outside adventuring with good friends. Whether it be traveling or right here at home, being surrounded by nature brings out the best of me. I love the people, beauty, and healthy lifestyle of Hawai'i, and that's why I prefer the simple life on the island more than anywhere else.

I’m always looking for new projects and adventures. If you would like to collaborate or shoot please reach out! I'd love to hear from you!

Noah Lang